Croft appoint Cat Lund as new Circuit Manager

10 Mar 17

The British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) is happy to announce that Cat Lund will take up the role as Circuit Manager at Croft starting with immediate effect.

Cat joins the team after having previously worked at Silverstone, and most recently Rockingham Circuit as Head of Operations.

A keen competitor on the track, Cat enjoys rallying as co-driver for fiancé Andy Rowe as well as a host of other drivers.

Now taking stewardship of the popular North Yorkshire-based venue, Cat is keen to deliver what promises to be another entertaining year of competition.

“This is a hugely exciting chapter in my career and one that I am relishing,” said Cat. “I’ve been involved in motorsport from both a professional standpoint and as a competitor since 1996.

“Croft in particular has a special place in my heart as it is where I took part in my first ever motorsport competition – a sprint event with my Alfasud Ti Cloverleaf. I drove from Silverstone to Croft in the car, did the sprint and drove home again.

“These are exciting times for Croft and I am looking forward to working with the great team at the circuit to deliver a fantastic season of events and move the venue forward.”