Covid-19 Information

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Although most legal restrictions have been lifted with effect from 19th July 2021, the circuit still has a legal duty to manage risks to those affected by its business. This advice and regulation document has been updated to reflect the easing of the restrictions but the circuit will still operate with its own procedures to ensure the safety of the staff and those attending the premises.

This document is issued to the Organiser of the event and is in conjunction with the regulations issued by Governing Bodies of Motorsport in the UK. The document issued by the Organiser is final.


The circuit still has a duty not to expose others including all staff to this infection. Attendees are responsible for their own safety and must respect the Government’s guidelines and additional procedures instigated by the circuit. The circuit reserves the right to vary these procedures without notice. You must not attend the activity day if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, or you are required to self-isolate under Government guidelines.

It is understood that the Organisers are operating their events in accordance with Government guidelines, advice and instruction so as to minimise the risk to all those attending from COVID-19.

Signage will remain erected on entry points to the circuit which will highlight the messages regarding social distancing, the use of hand sanitisers, washing hands and if feeling unwell.

Although social distancing restrictions have been lifted, we recommend you respect others attending events and avoid close proximity to them wherever possible.

The numbers of attendees on site are no longer restricted, and the public will be allowed to access on test and track days.

The circuit is no longer restricted to the number of spectators attending a Race Meeting. Tickets are available to be purchased on the gate and in advance. Unless advised by the organiser of the individual race meetings, spectators should be able to access the paddock/working areas and all the spectator viewing areas.

At the time of writing there will be no pit walk at the British Touring Car Meeting in September.

Overnight stays are now permitted at the circuit. Access to the circuit for those wishing to stay overnight (test & track days) is after 6.00pm on the evening prior to the event. The gates will open at 7.00am on the day of the event and everyone must leave by 5.45pm when the event is finished.

For access at Race Meetings, the organiser must refer to the Venue Operation Regulations guide issued.

Although a list of all attendees is no longer required by the circuit for track and trace purposes, it is recommended by the Government that a logbook is maintained of visitors attending. We are now asking the organiser to keep such details in case these are required.


The COVID-19 restriction on the number of vehicles in the garages has been lifted. However please observe Health and Safety regulations with regards to the number of vehicles that can be safely parked in a garage. The garage doors must remain open both paddock and pit lane side at all times for the foreseeable future. If this cannot be carried out, then it is recommended that a Face mask is worn within the garage area

It is still recommended that attendees are to be asked by the Organiser to park in the paddocks leaving plenty of distance between them to allow for some social distancing.

Although the Toilet & Shower blocks in A & B Paddock are now fully open, we ask that people do not queue inside if all units are being used and it is also recommended that you use a face covering when entering the toilet blocks. Signage will be displayed to advise of this.

Hand sanitising gel stations will be placed at various points for customers to use.


Face Coverings must be worn when in the main building, corridors, offices and rooms. This is to protect circuit staff. The mask may be removed if the staff member is happy that you do so.

The Perspex screen remains in place on the large bench in the Whitley Room. The one-way route has been removed. Restriction on numbers in the room no longer applies.

It is recommended that a face covering is worn when in the Whitley Room, Halifax Room and the Media Centre. – Signage is displayed to advise of this.

Access to the Whitley room by the organiser is via the Kitchen door along the corridor, turn left and into the Whitley Room. You must not go through the kitchen.

Circuit Radios for the marshals will be available for the Chief Marshal to hand out from the Signing on building in the Assembly area.

Radios for Organisers will be on the bench behind the counter, or in the case of Officials at a Race Meeting the radios are in race control upstairs. All radios must be returned.

For non-race meeting events, the main office building and use of the kitchen is only open to circuit staff, unless previously authorised.

You must ensure that only the minimum of Race Control staff and Timekeepers enter the building (Race Meetings Only).

On Track/Medical Assistance/Recovery – details remain unchanged

All Circuit staff, medics, marshals, recovery and security personnel will continue to be issued with PPE and are advised to continue to wear it.

Pit Lane Management – The Circuit’s pit lane marshal will now remain at Post 1, therefore you must ensure there is sufficient staff to operate the sessions and check wristbands etc.

If any participant is involved in an incident whilst on track, they must indicate (if able to do so) that they are OK by signalling with a “thumbs up” at the earliest opportunity to the Marshal, who will then call for the required assistance.

If unhurt, the participant should stand in a safe and suitable location, i.e. behind the barrier whilst waiting for assistance and respect social distancing when the circuit personnel arrive.

Please be advised that all medical staff will be wearing appropriate PPE according to the nature of the incident.

Patients who need assessing will no longer be assessed in an ambulance but transferred straight to the medical centre.

Only emergencies will be dealt with on the track.

Recovery of vehicles – please advise attendees to keep a social distance to the recovery team, both on the track and when the vehicle is returned to the paddock. A separate vehicle will be despatched in order to collect the driver/rider if required. This has a seat which is able to maintain social distancing from the driver of the vehicle.

Medical Centre – details remain unchanged

To reduce the potential for contamination of essential medical facilities, visits to the Medical Centre should be avoided other than for serious injury/illness.

Participants/Attendees are encouraged to bring and use their own first aid kits etc, in the first instance, in the event of minor injury/illness. The first aid kits should include sun-tan cream, paracetamol, antihistamine tablets and any other medication you may require.