McLaren 570S Driving Experience


Max Laps
10 laps
2.5 hrs
21.2 miles

The McLaren 570S is a stunning supercar. Beautiful to look at, and awesome to drive. The 570S has a twin-turbo V8 engine mated to a 7-speed dual clutch system which sends all the power to the rear wheels. Out on track, the car wants you to go faster. It never seems to stop accelerating!

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Need to know



Our driving experience briefing details the important information you need to know before getting behind the wheel and heading out on track.

2 laps

Demostration - Instructor drives

Driving on a race circuit is very different to normal road driving. To make the most of the cars guests will be driving on track you need to learn the racing line and braking points. Our ARDS race instructors will be on hand to help throughout your experience.

3 laps

Ford Puma ST or Focus ST - Guest drives

The Ford ST models deliver the ultimate hot hatch driving experience. Brilliant chassis combined with spirited engines, and continuously controlled damping make for a range of outstanding cars that come alive on track.

4 laps

McLaren 570S - Guest drives

The McLaren 570S is stunning. The design is completely different from any of the other supercars in our driving experience fleet. The 570S isn't just nice to look at though. Out on track the twin turbo V8 engine (the same engine used in McLarens P1) delivers seemingly endless acceleration. The chassis is more than up to the job of keeping everything in check, especially out on track.

1 laps

Ford Puma ST or Focus ST - Instructor drives

Your ARDS race instructor will finish the experience off with a high-speed white knuckle ride in the Ford Puma ST or Focus ST.

What to expect from the McLaren 570S Driving Experience

All other manufacturers need to take note; McLaren is rewriting the supercar rule book. The 570S is a brilliant example of how a potent V8 engine combined with a super light chassis can produce an astounding car.

The design of the 570S is beautiful but it still has an imposing presence. Inside, the famous McLaren minimalism works beautifully yet there’s still a sense of drama when you climb in and drop into the seats. Out on track, the 570S is responsive, agile and incredibly rewarding to drive.

As part of the McLaren 570S driving experience, guests will have the chance to learn the race circuit with an ARDS-qualified race instructor initially as a passenger and then a Ford hot hatch, either the Puma ST or Focus ST.

To finish the experience. Hold on tight for a high-speed ride with our pro racing driver for a final lap around Croft Circuit.

The wonderful 570S is arguably McLaren greatest achievement to date

Top Gear

The British built McLaren 570S

One Amazing Car

McLaren describe the 570S as "completely driver-centric, equally at home on the track as it is on the open road" and we have to agree! The McLaren 570S inspires confidence from the moment you head out of the pitlane onto the track. The 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine (the same as used in the McLaren P1) is immense. The car is so fast and feels like it always wants you to go faster.


  • Horsepower
    562 bhp
  • Torque
    443 lb/ft
  • Top Speed
    204 mph
  • 0 - 60
    3.1 seconds

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