Croft Circuit is committed to ensuring that all of its customers enjoy their experiences. To ensure there is no misunderstanding with regards to purchase and participation of any experiences please read the following information carefully. Call Croft Circuit on 01325 721815 if there are any issues you would like to discuss.


Driving Croft Circuit is a licenced motorsport venue and as such meets all the requirements laid down by the governing body of motorsport in the UK, the MSA (Motor Sports Association). We operate with full third party public liability insurance cover. All the instructors are qualified by the Association of Racing Drivers Schools (ARDS), a body recognised by the MSA.


All participants will be required to sign an indemnity form at registration and attend the briefing before taking part in the experience. All participants on a driving experience must hold a full and current driving licence for a manual gearbox, which must be produced on the day (with the exception of the New Starter Experience). Failure to produce your licence will result in you not being able to participate and lose all monies paid.


Once your course is booked, Croft Circuit allocates your experience time-slot and covers the associated costs for the appropriate vehicles and instructors. We require you to arrive in plenty of time. All participants must attend a pre -event briefing. Failure to do so or being late may result in you not being able to participate in the experience. We reserve the right to refuse an experience to anyone who is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All attendees must abide by the experience rules and regulations as described in the briefing. They must drive in a manner as instructed and where relevant no more than the specified rev limit. We reserve the right to stop the experience if we feel a customer is driving in a potentially dangerous manner. They will be unable to complete their course if any car is damaged whilst they are in control and will not be able to claim a refund. Where required Helmets/safety equipment must be worn. No exception will be made.


Driving Experience vouchers are valid for one season only between the months of April and October and will expire on the last published driving experience date In October (unless stated otherwise), after this date the voucher will be deemed null and void. Recipients must be aware of the last operational day within that period, as vouchers cannot be extended into the next season. Please note Croft Circuit does not operate driving experiences during the winter months. Gift vouchers can be refunded for up to 28 days after purchase. Any refunds will be made to the purchaser and not the voucher holder and are subject to a £35 administration charge. No refunds will be made if a date and time have been booked. Gift vouchers can be exchanged for higher value vouchers with the difference in price being paid. The voucher must be returned before a refund is given.


Once a date has been booked it can be moved only once and only if the change of date is made more than two weeks (14 days) before the original booked date. A charge of £25.00 will be made at the time the booking is changed. You will not be able to change your booking if you are within two weeks (14 days) of the original booking. You can send someone else in your place, however all name changes will incur a £25.00 administration charge and at least 3 days notice must be given. We do not accept any changes within 3 days of the event day.


You will forfeit the entire course fee if you fail to attend on the day and time of your booking.


All experiences operate on specific dates during the season. All experiences (Single Seaters and Porsche Cayman Thrill) will operate between the months of April and October and dates will be posted on our website in January. Due to popular demand we advise booking 3-6 weeks in advance for your first choice of date. Drivers – please note that there may be some waiting between the cars you drive. Family and friends are welcome to attend and watch. There is no charge for spectators. Animals are not allowed on or around the circuit, please advise all those attending with the participant. Young children are allowed in and around all the relevant buildings but must be supervised at all times. Your time at the circuit will vary depending on experience, however please allow 2 to 2 and a half hours duration (in exceptional circumstances this may be longer). Please note that whilst family and friends are welcome to attend the briefing, it is not suitable for babies and small children, who can distract other participants. You are welcome to film from all the normal public areas. Whilst we will endeavour to provide the course as stated above, there may be times when due to circumstances beyond our control the course may be altered, for example – the number of laps in a car may be reduced due to inclement weather.


We try to run the majority of events at a time of the year when they will not be adversely affected by the weather. In the event of snow, ice, fog or heavy rain the event may be cancelled or restricted. Croft Circuit ONLY will make the decision to run the event, stop for a period of time or stop completely. Generally, weather forecasts are sufficiently unreliable to make any definitive decision the day prior to an event and as such, bad or unpromising forecasts the day before your event is not an acceptable reason for you to want to cancel your event. Non-attendance on a day that operates despite bad weather forecasts will see you lose your experience and all monies paid. If your driving is cut short because of bad weather, you will be able to return on another day to complete the balance of your experience. Refunds will not be given.


You will be spending a lot of time outside so wear appropriate clothes but when driving you must wear long trousers, long sleeved top and thin-soled narrow shoes. The pedals in racing cars are very close together. Wet weather suits and a limited number of racing boots are available to use on the day but if you have your own you are welcome to wear them. Helmets will be provided by the circuit.


Minimum Height 5’ Maximum Height 6’ 4” in the Porsche and 6’ 2” in the Formula Forward single seaters Maximum Weight 18 stone in the Porsche and 16 stone in the Formula Forward single seaters. The Formula Forward also has a recommended maximum circumference around the shoulders of 130 cm to fit comfortably. Minimum age 18 and must hold a full driving licence

The above sizes are a guide only. Some participants who fall within the guidelines may have very long or short legs for instance and find it impossible to drive. If you are close to the above limits we may only be able to determine your suitability to drive when you are here on the day and can try the actual vehicle.


There is a minimum age of 13 for this experience. Pupils must be able to operate the controls and therefore all participants should be no shorter than 5 feet tall

We reserve the right to amend, alter or cancel without notice these terms and conditions at any given time.