Racing Car Experience


Max Laps
10 laps
21.2 miles

Drive a Single Seat racing car at Croft race circuit. Now you can feel like one of the F1 pack in one of our fleet of racing cars. You'll also get to drive the Porsche Cayman as part of this experience.

  • Drive a racing car at Croft race circuit
  • Feel like a racing driver
  • Learn the circuit in a Porsche Cayman

Need to know



Our driving experience briefing details the important information you need to know before getting behind the wheel and heading out on track.

3 laps

Instructor Demonstration - Instructor drives

Driving on a race circuit is very different to normal road driving. To make the most of the cars guests will be driving on track you need to learn the racing line and braking points. Our ARDS race instructors will be on hand to help throughout your experience

3 laps

Guest drives the Porsche Cayman - Guest drives

The Porsche Cayman is a genuine junior supercar, similar in looks to the 911 but with a mid-engine layout. Out on track the car gives incredible feedback, allowing the driver to build in confidence and enjoy the increased power and incredible grip that the car generates

4 laps

Guest drives the racing car - Guest drives

Watching Formula 1 will never be the same again after you've experienced driving a proper single-seat racing car on a proper race circuit. Many of the current crop of F1 drivers started their careers in the junior formulas. Once seated with the racing straps fitted around you the engine bursts into life, and you'll feel like a Grand Prix is about to start. Once up to speed, everything clicks into place as you and the car become one, getting quicker every lap, the car responding instantly. A truly unique experience and one that will be remembered.

What to expect from the Racing Car Driving Experience

Want to feel like Lewis Hamilton and experience real downforce? Now you can at Croft race circuit in the UK.

You don't so much sit in a Formula Croft as get physically attached to the car. Tightly strapped into the cockpit, you become part of the car. Every bump, camber and vibration is transmitted through the driver, you know and feel exactly what is happening. Slick tyres and wings give razor sharp responses, try to relax behind the wheel, even the slightest driver input is a noticeable direction change.

Before the racing car there's time to get to grips with the race circuit in the fantastic Porsche Cayman. The mid engined car is great fun and incredibly rewarding to drive, it gives great driver feedback, accurate and responsive steering and great handling balance.

The adrenaline rush you get from driving a single-seater is incredible. It's an addictive feeling that you'll never forget

Matt Prior, Autocar

Experience a sports car and single seat racing car

Two Amazing Cars

The Porsche Cayman is a genuine junior supercar. Similar in looks to the 911 but with a mid-engine layout.Out on track the car gives incredible feedback, allowing the driver to build in confidence and enjoy the increased power and incredible grip that the car generates.


  • Horsepower
    261 bhp
  • Torque
    221 lb/ft
  • Top Speed
    163 mph
  • 0 - 60
    5.8 seconds

Firmly strapped into the cockpit the car is an extension of you. It will react to every input. When you brake it stops, turn the steering wheel and it darts left or right. Road cars seem soggy and unresponsive by comparison.


  • Horsepower
    130 bhp
  • Torque
    110 lb/ft
  • Top Speed
    140 mph
  • 0 - 60
    4.5 seconds

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